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A delicious tasting shake for use after exercise. Recovery Drink contains 18g of whey isolate, a top quality source of protein which contributes towards muscle growth and maintenance. Recovery Drink is a delicious tasting protein drink. The ingredients used in this scientifically formulated blend of protein and carbs promote recovery of normal muscle function after exercise and contribute to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Muscles become sore and stiff when they are stressed during exercise. The depletion of muscle glycogen (muscle carb stores) can impair muscle function resulting in fatigue and reduced exercise performance. The unique forms of protein and carbohydrate in HIGH5 Recovery Drink are chosen to ensure you recover after intense long lasting exercise and turn up ready to perform at your next training session.


High in whey protein isolate (which contains BCAA’s).
Contributes to muscle growth and muscle maintenance
Promotes recovery of normal muscle function
Suitable for vegetarians
26 Servings per 1.6kg tub
9 Servings per sachet pack


Mix the powder contents (60g) into 400ml of water or milk and shake well. (You can also use milk substitutes such as coconut, soy or rice milk.)

Consume one serving of Recovery Drink in the first hour after hard exercise. You can also have another one or two servings later in the day or just before you go to bed.